The Twin Cities Brides March Against Domestic Violence is a protest against domestic violence through the streets of St. Paul. Participants, most in bridal wear, walk alongside police officers for the three mile walk to the state Capitol. Participating in the march or becoming a sponsor will contribute to ongoing domestic violence awareness, prevention, and education in our community. After the march, a reception is held to celebrate the lives of those who were taken too soon and offers the chance for participants to build new friendships.
The Brides March will start at Neighborhood House at The Wellstone Center, located at 179 Robie St E, St. Paul, MN 55107, and end at the state Capitol building.
  • Check-in/Registration begins at 11:30 AM
  • March begins at 1:00 PM followed by a short program at the Capitol
  • Group photo of all participants on the front stairs of the Capitol
  • Reception with dinner & music at Mancini's from 4 - 8 PM
Shuttle service will be provided back to The Wellstone Center after the program.
Mancini's Char House & Lounge is located at 531 7th St W, St. Paul MN 55102
– The cost for dinner is $10 per person.
**Please Note: The fee for dinner is not included in the cost of registration.**
– Payment for dinner will be collected on the day of the march.
– Cash or check with valid identification ONLY. SORRY, NO CREDIT CARDS!
This is a wristband event.
Why Do We March in Wedding Dresses? 
The Brides March is a visual protest against domestic violence. It provides an outlet for the community to speak out against domestic violence and pay tribute to every life that has been affected by domestic violence.
We wear the wedding dress as a visual reminder of change. It represents the change that takes place when a loving relationship becomes abusive in any form. It represents the change that occurs when a life is taken at the hands of an abuser. It represents the changes that come when a life is free from abuse.
The dress honors the lives that are cut short as a result of domestic violence, but it also serves as a symbol of hope and support for those who have survived and escaped violent relationships and living situations.
What should I wear? Women are encouraged to wear wedding dresses (optional) or wear all white clothing. Men are encouraged to wear either tuxedos or black clothing, but there have been a few brave souls who have donned a wedding gown too. We just want you there to march with us no matter what you are wearing!
Do I have to be a bride to march? Not at all! You do not have to be married or have ever been a bride to walk with us! Walk for yourself, a loved one or just because you believe everyone deserves to live free from abuse. Children are welcome.
I'm a guy. Can I march too?  Yes, of course! You are more than welcome to walk with us! Domestic violence is not a women's issue - it is a societal issue. Put on your tux or suit, a black t-shirt, or even a wedding dress! 
Are signs allowed at the march? Absolutely! Make your voice heard! Feel free to bring signs with messages that speak out against domestic violence. Signs honoring victims of domestic violence are also encouraged. We won't forget their names!      
What if it rains? We will march rain or shine, unless the weather is severe. 
Questions? Contact Marie Garza at or